Stamping - 2010 Sept/Oct Art Mom Project


For September and October, we will be teaching the students how to make their own stamps and use them to create a fall inspired work of art!

Supplies provided:
pencil (students can use their own)
Styrofoam meat trays (one per student)
Etching sticks (or students can use a dull pencil)
scissors (student can use their own)
Washable Markers
Baby Wipes (2 per student)
white paper (1 sheet per student)

Give each student a meat tray, a piece of white paper, 2 baby wipes, and an etching stick.  Divide the markers up evenly by groups.  Have the students get out their dull pencils and scissors.  Now you are ready to begin!

Step one:
On the back of the meet tray in the smooth area, have the students lightly draw a shape of a leaf.  They may draw one big leaf or a few different leaves of different shapes and sizes.

Step two:
Students will trace over the leaf with the flat side of the etching stick (NOT the sharp end) or a dull pencil.  Explain that they will need to press hard enough to make an indentation in the foam tray, but not hard enough to poke through the tray.

Step three:
Using their own scissors, students will cut out the leaf shape.  Now you have a stamp!

Step four:
Using the washable markers, color the etched side of the stamp thoroughly.  Make sure to use lots of color and saturate the entire surface.  Then press the stamp (color side down) onto the piece of paper.  Press firmly and lift up.  And TA DA!  A stamped impression of a leaf.  To make more stamped impressions, re-apply the color and stamp again.  To switch colors, simply wipe the stamp clean with a baby wipe, let dry a few seconds and color on a different color.

Encourage students to be creative.  They can make a leaf collage with their new stamps:

Or they can be really creative and see what kind of "fall friends" they can create with their leaves:

Good Luck and HAVE FUN with this project!

additional ideas:
*Read "The Apple Pie Tree" (included in the cart).  Point out the different leaf shapes, colors and sizes.  Also point out how the illustrations on the cover almost look like stamped images.  Let the students discuss some of the fun things they do and see in the fall.
*"OOHH and AAHH"  Have the students come up one at a time to show off their art work while their classmates "OOHH and AAHH" over their work!

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Wednesday, September 29th @6:30pm

Hillcrest Rocks This Year with our 3rd annual Family Walk-a-Thon!  Here's a quick schedule of the events for that night:

  • 6:15pm:  Come early to get "decorated" for the walk
  • 6:30pm:  Walk Begins, food available after the walk
  • 7:00pm:  Closing Celebration (prizes awarded and various activities - see below)

$1 Hot Dogs:  Don't cook dinner, eat here!  The American Falls Education Association will be grilling some delicious hot dogs at the end of our walk.

$1 Cotton Candy:  Of course loads & loads of sugar will be waiting to tempt your taste buds for only $1!

$3 "I'm in the Band" Photo Op:  Grab 3 of your friends and family to have a picture taken with a cut-out Band Background.  This fun $3 photo can either be emailed to you or printed & sent home later that week.

Free Body Stickers (removable tattoos):  Our High School Cheerleaders will be on hand before & after the walk to "decorate" your face.

Free Cotton Candy Contest:  To encourage everyone to dress up we are having a "Best Rocked" costume contest.  Dust off your Guitar Hero get up and walk in style!  Free Cotton Candy for the 5 most excellent costumes.  (Any age can win)

Free Music:  Our very own DJ will be there all night to keep the party hopping.  (Thanks Enviro-Scape!)

2009 Walk-a-Thon

The Race is On

Wednesday, September 30, 6:30pm
style='text-align: justify'>We're racing off to a great start this year with our 2nd Annual Family Walk-a-Thon. This is a great way to raise money needed for our school while doing something healthy with family & friends.

What is a Walk-a-Thon?

Hillcrest families set a goal to walk the 1.5 mile course together and work as a team to obtain financial pledges from friends, neighbors & extended family.

What is the money used for?

To continually support our Art Mom Program, Foster Grand Parents, and Teacher Appreciation. This year we are also saving for some much needed playground equipment repairs.

What should we bring?

For the safety of all walkers, no pets, bicycles, scooters, roller blades, and skateboards will be allowed. Wagons and strollers for future lil' beavers are always welcome. First-aid will be available and wear good walking shoes.

When are the packets due?

To qualify for the gifts, donation packets must be returned by the Walk-a-Thon Date, Wednesday, Sept. 30. We will hold an assembly later that week to award the thank-you gifts and the Grand Prize.



6:00pm: Come early to help support Hillcrest through our various activities.

6:30pm: Walk begins

7:15pm: Food, Fun, & Support


Flags: All Walk-a-Thon participants (even future lil' Beavers) will receive a free race flag upon arrival.

Face Painting: Our High School Cheerleaders will be on hand before the race to help "rev" things up with a little face painting for $1.

Race Car Photo: Come get your family or just your lil' beavers picture taken in a race car! Each picture will be $5 and mailed directly to your home.

Delicious Dinners: After the "race" Am. Falls Education Association will be grilling hot dogs for $1.

Delightful Dessert: Our High School Drama Club will be whipping up cotton candy for $1.


Thank you to everyone involved as

all proceeds go directly to

Hillcrest Elementary!

The November/December Art Project was a bit messy but a complete success. The students used lots of different ink colors to create their "own" print - this was a student's creation to celebrate Christmas. Thanks to all the Mom's who continue to make this program work, even when it's cold enough outside to be an ice chest. Brrr!

Happy String Drop

Our 1st Art Mom project was a hit. All the students were able to do this simple "Happy String Drop." They had a great time as we focused on the "Line" Principle. The kids also loved the "Boy with a Purple Crayon," which we read after the project. It is truly amazing what a line can become!

Thank you everyone who supported our 1st ever Walk-a-Thon! Wow, look at that crowd. It was fantastic to see so many families (around 350 people) from our community pushing strollers, laughing, & just having a good time while raising money for Hillcrest. So far we have a total of $4000.00 which will go right to our Art Mom, Foster Grand Parents, & a good chunk towards new locks for the school.

In case you weren't there to enjoy, let me fill you in on the events of that night. We kicked off the night with a little "Walk Like an Egyptian" routine the PTO Moms taught the kids that morning in a pep assembly. The Am. Falls Police Department lead us through our course with sirens blaring, a local Scout Troop proudly carried our American Falg, the High School Cheerleaders & Mascot met us half way at the City Park to refuel us with water & cheering, then we made it back in time for prizes, hot dogs, & music. It was such a great night and we're hoping to keep this annual tradition!
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Art Mom Project Calendar

  • Art Principle – Line
  • Artist – Marcel Duchamp was an inventive, playful artist who believed in “happy accidents” in his work.
  • Art Project – “Happy Accident String Drop” (dip pieces of string into bowls of tempera paint, then drop them onto paper)
  • Art Principle – Shape
  • Artist – William Blake was a painter, printmaker, and a poet.
  • Art Project – “Scratched Prints” (roll printers ink onto a cookie sheet then, using a toothpick, scratch basics shapes – press paper on top to reveal a print)
  • Art Principle – FormArtist – Georgia O’Keeffe was famous for her paintings of flowers that fill up the entire canvas.
  • Artist - Geogia O'Keeffe was famous for her paintings of flowers that fill up the entire canvas.
  • Art Project – “A Chalk Flower” (students will trace the edges of flower stencils with chalk then lay them on paper and smear the chalk into the shape)

  • Art Principle - Space
  • Artist – Vincent Van Gogh always tried to express his thoughts and emotions in his work.
  • Art Project – “Starry Night with Resistance” (Using a vanishing point students will create a nighttime scene with white crayon, then paint over to reveal the starry night scene)
  • Art Principle – Color
  • Artist - Paul Gauguin used color in an entirely new way. He might paint a sky yellow, grass orange, and mountains red.
  • Art Project - "Water Color Wrap" (paint an entire piece of paper with all the colors, then cover with plastic food wrap & squish it around)

Sample Letter

Dear Family & Friends,

Our school is having our second annual family walk-a-thon on Thursday, September 30th. This is a great way for our family to work together to achieve something great for our school.

Our family will walk the 1.5 mile course with hundreds of other families from Hillcrest Elementary. Our family's goal is to raise at least $25 in sponsor contributions this year.

The funds we help raise will go to things like the Art Mom Program, Foster Grand Parents, and maintenance to our play ground equipment. With your help, our walk-a-thon will be a success and we won't have to do any door-to-door sales! What's great about this 'Fun'd-Raiser is that 100% of the money we raise will stay at our school.

You're welcome to send us your cash or a check made payable to "Hillcrest Elementary" so I can give it to my school. Or you can send your check directly to:

Hillcrest Elementary * PTO

1045 Bennett Ave.

American Falls, Id. 83211

Thank you for your help and support! Wish us luck on the 30th.

Jack, Jill, and Jenny Smith

How do we get sponsors?

The easiest method to gain sponsors would be via email. Simply send an email to friends and family (check out our sample letter) and include the link to this website,

Of course, phone calls and letters to friends & family are great methods as well. Your sponsors are welcome to send their cash or check with your student in the "Pledge Packet" or mail a check to:
Hillcrest Elementary * PTO
1045 Bennett Ave.
American Falls, Id. 83211

Don't forget to have them write your students name on the Memo so we can keep track of your family's total sponsorship dollars!

Remember, even one pledge will get your student entered into a drawing for free merchandise from our local businesses. (Skate-boards, Music, Posters, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we do it?

  • To raise funds for our annual Art Mom Program, Foster Grand Parents, and for maintenance to our play ground equipment. Success means no PTO-sponsored door-to-door sales!
Where does it take place?
  • The walk will begin and end at Hillcrest following our "Safe Routes to School" sidewalk path that is currently under construction. It will wind past the Intermediate School, the new Library, and the City Park.
What should we bring?
  • For the safety of all walkers, no pets, bicycles, scooters, roller blades, and skateboards will be allowed. Wagons and strollers for future lil' beavers are welcome. First-aid will be available.
Why only one packet per family?
  • We know how difficult it can be to divide up funds and we don't want any competition between siblings. Consequently, we'd like your family to act as a team. You'll gather sponsors as a team, walk as a team, and possibly receive one of our family awards as a team.
When do we need to turn in our donations?
  • In order for your student(s) to qualify for the prize drawings, donations must be returned by Wednesday, September 30th. However, remaining donations can be turned in after the event if necessary.

What is the Walk-a-Thon?

How many times do we say, "Turn off the TV and go play!" As parents we are always looking for fun ways to get are children to be more active. For the first time, Hillcrest Elementary is hosting a family Walk-a-Thon to do just that-Be Active!

This Walk-a-Thon gives friends, family, and local businesses a chance to support our school while offering our Hillcrest families a chance to enjoy a night with our community, fitness, and fun.

Each family sets a goal to walk the 1.5-mile course together and work as a family to obtain financial support pledges from friends, neighbors, and extended family.

What is the Art Mom Program?

  • What: Art Mom Program
  • Where: Hillcrest Elementary School
  • Why: To increase our student’s appreciation for art by not only studying famous artists, but also learning the basics principles to become an artist themselves. (Remember, no previous art experience is necessary!)
  • When: The 2nd Tuesday of September, November, January, & March @9:00 a.m
  • How: We come up with the project, gather all the supplies, and even create a Presentation Poster so that all you need is to find an hour each month to teach it to your assigned class. (I still copy the instructions on the back of every poster so that if you can’t make it to the Tuesday meeting – you can still teach it)
Remember, we are always looking for volunteers. Please encourage any Moms or Dads with children in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade to come and participate. The teachers love this, the children love this, and we know you’ll love this program too!

PTO Event Calendar (2010)

September 2010

  • 9/7 -  First Day of School
  • 9/14 - First Art Mom/PTO meeting @ 9:00 a.m. in the Cafeteria (We'll be planning the Walk-a-Thon, discussing Box Tops, and Art Mom Project for Sept/Oct.)
  • 9/15 - Back to School Night @5:30 p.m. (PTO will serve ice cream sandwiches-contact Sarah if you could help that night).
  • 9/29 - Walk-a-Thon "Hillcrest Rocks" @6:30 p.m. (Contact Sarah if you would like to help the day of, do paperwork at home, or just brain storm ideas with me!)
October 2010
  • No meetings, just contact your teacher to do your Art Mom Project.
November 2010
  • 11/9 - Art Mom/PTO Meeting @ 9:00 a.m. in Cafeteria
December 2010
  • No meetings, just contact your teacher to do your Art Mom Project.

PTO Contact Info (2010-2011)

  • Sarah Smith (PTO President) @
  • Brigitte Crump (Vice-President)
  • Gwen Andersen (Art Mom Director)
  • Rebecca Foote (Box Top Director)
  • Secretary (Stephanie Beutler)