Stamping - 2010 Sept/Oct Art Mom Project


For September and October, we will be teaching the students how to make their own stamps and use them to create a fall inspired work of art!

Supplies provided:
pencil (students can use their own)
Styrofoam meat trays (one per student)
Etching sticks (or students can use a dull pencil)
scissors (student can use their own)
Washable Markers
Baby Wipes (2 per student)
white paper (1 sheet per student)

Give each student a meat tray, a piece of white paper, 2 baby wipes, and an etching stick.  Divide the markers up evenly by groups.  Have the students get out their dull pencils and scissors.  Now you are ready to begin!

Step one:
On the back of the meet tray in the smooth area, have the students lightly draw a shape of a leaf.  They may draw one big leaf or a few different leaves of different shapes and sizes.

Step two:
Students will trace over the leaf with the flat side of the etching stick (NOT the sharp end) or a dull pencil.  Explain that they will need to press hard enough to make an indentation in the foam tray, but not hard enough to poke through the tray.

Step three:
Using their own scissors, students will cut out the leaf shape.  Now you have a stamp!

Step four:
Using the washable markers, color the etched side of the stamp thoroughly.  Make sure to use lots of color and saturate the entire surface.  Then press the stamp (color side down) onto the piece of paper.  Press firmly and lift up.  And TA DA!  A stamped impression of a leaf.  To make more stamped impressions, re-apply the color and stamp again.  To switch colors, simply wipe the stamp clean with a baby wipe, let dry a few seconds and color on a different color.

Encourage students to be creative.  They can make a leaf collage with their new stamps:

Or they can be really creative and see what kind of "fall friends" they can create with their leaves:

Good Luck and HAVE FUN with this project!

additional ideas:
*Read "The Apple Pie Tree" (included in the cart).  Point out the different leaf shapes, colors and sizes.  Also point out how the illustrations on the cover almost look like stamped images.  Let the students discuss some of the fun things they do and see in the fall.
*"OOHH and AAHH"  Have the students come up one at a time to show off their art work while their classmates "OOHH and AAHH" over their work!

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